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Road Trippin’

My lovely #mcMINIons took me out for a solo trip to Coventry R. I. this weekend and I was overwhelmed with the amount of kinfolks I came across in Rhode Island. By far this has been the most MINIs I’ve seen driving around, outside of a rally of course, in any state or setting. As overjoyed as I was to see so many of us bringing joy and excitement to #miniacs and #mcMINIons i like i was disappointed that one NOT A SINGLE ONE of these ungrateful drivers, because they don’t deserve to be called #miniacs, #mcMINIons, or #motorist, waved back!!!!! NOT A SINGLE ONE!! I think you should have the equivalent of CPS or BCW come take us away from these barbarians for negligent parenting. They don’t deserve us. So next time you see one of us on the road, follow the rules and wave!!!!

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