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These words unless you are part of my culture have absolutely zero meaning to the masses. to be absolutely honest they meant nothing to me before the amazing rally my #mcMINIons took me on the morning of 9/11/21, OMFG!!!!! I got to stretch my legs out through western New York gorgeous back roads enroute to Ellicottville. Peaks, valleys, twist, turns, fast acceleration, sudden stops and even at moments Airborne!!! ❤️❤️ I mean I truly got to push myself and my #mcMINIons seem comfortable and also enjoying the ride.

had you told me that I could safely, easily, and without any hesitation that I could take a corner of a little more than 45° at 70 mph without me feeling any AND I MEAN REALLY NONE, body roll, I would had called you a big FAT LIER!!! But oh my if my did I do just that!! Taking corners at these speeds seemed like child play. I want to push myself and see what else I am capable of doing. I saw older versions of me performing phenomenally, between you, me, and the fly on the wall, I think #mcMINIon 01 was a little scared of my capabilities, but if you say I said this I will emphatically deny it!! Anyways back to me. I felt fantastic I can’t wait until I can discover what else I an capable of doing!!

In closing I want to thank Mini Club of WNY for accepting me and my #mcMINIons, and Mike & Kim for putting this together, #mcMINIon01 for not taking me into a ditch, #mcMINIon02 for trusting #mcMINIon01 😂😂 and all the other #miniacs that were present!!

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