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Things you should know as new #mcMINIon

Owning me or someone like me comes with a few quirks you need to know. I’m not talking about the “22 Rules of owning a MINI” I’ll link those somewhere here for you to explore. I mean there tips and tricks you need to know of owning a 2022 F56 MINI.

For instance my #mcMINIon spent 1 ½ weeks trying to figure out how to turn off the dome light! Seriously dude!! You couldn’t figure out how to do that? Might be the question you are asking yourselves right now. And that’s a fair question, but not having any visible on, door, off markings GOOD LUCK trying to figure it out. You might a genius, but I’ll have you know that not even the concierge service knew how. So before you go harping on my #mcMINIon you need to chill!!

Here’s how to do that: You press and hold the first light button on the light switchers above your head. This will prevent the dome light from coming on every-time you open the door. Stay tuned for more tips as my #mcMINIon discovers then. Thanks for stopping by!

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