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Celebrating grandpa’s & mine birthday!

My grandfather was born the 26th day of August 1959, so he turned 62 years old yesterday. A few of my kinfolks got together yesterday to celebrate such iconic moment in history, the birth of the mark 1 Mini (also known as: Austin 850 Austin Mini Austin Partner Austin Seven Innocenti Mini Morris 850 Morris Mini Riley Elf Wolseley Hornet.)

Thanks for Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company who due to the fuel crisis of the time issued a challenge to his top engineer, Alec Issigonis, to design and manufacture a car that would sit four adults comfortably, cost, and fuel efficient. 2 years later gramps was born. At the time it was an engineering 8th wonder of the world, the challenged was accomplished by implementing innovations such as: traversing the engine and have a front wheel car, therefore eliminating the need for a driveshaft, placing the small diameter tires as far out to the cornered as possible, and small wheels.

it wasn’t long before my humble granps was sought out by everyone from royalty to the commoners, rockstars and milkmen but soon he would land in the hands of iconic British racer John Cooper a legend on his own right, and in 1961 the classic Mini Cooper 997 was spawn straight out the gates of….. my apologies I get super excited when talking about my elders. Anyways bigger breaks to be able to stop the speeds generated by a more powerful engine this was a rally marvel.

1962 Pat Moss brought home the victory in the Netherlands Tulip Rally. Way to go ma’am!!! Minis even won at Monte Carlos prestigious rally race, not once, not twice, but three times between 1964 & 1967. Fast forward 62 years into the future having gone some transformations from the mini minor, to the classic mini, to the first generation, to me a 3rd generation F56, there’s is one thing has has remained the same, the joy a #miniac or a #mcMINIon experiences behind our wheel while accelerating through corners of a deserted curvy back road. For me there’s no greater feeling than feeling that cool breeze being pushed in my engine by the bi turbos, and the way my high performance Pirelli tires grab a hold of the road and I feel like the world is mine!!!! So please enjoy the video put together by my #mcMINIon and his #miniacs friends for #miniWTFday Wave To Friends Day and if you like what you see considered subscribing, liking, or follow on any of my platforms where you get to see life as I see it. TTFN MC Deuce!


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